Alina Shevchenko, CEO

If there is a person who feels music, this person is Alina. She makes it possible for us all to experience music live and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Alina is a passionate singer and a “i-have-to-do-this” kind of person. Luckily she has put her passion into her job and has been managing tours and booking for a long time.
After graduating from the University of Basel she joined KBK, managed the tour bookings and starting from 2015 she is the Head of Booking and Orga of the W-Festival – the festival made by women, with women and for women.

Inspired by the idea of women power from the W-Festival, she opened Muddakult to promote female artists. ShevEvent grew out of Muddakult to promote creatives of all genres and genders. After realising her strengths while still working at KBK, she turned ShevEvent into an artistic place for the creatives from all over the world to develop.
Besides that she is a passionate talent scout. She is always in the search for people who can do anything, people who should not be withheld from the world in order to give beautiful music the longest possible life in this world.