Susanne Bachmann, Live Agent

…Booking Agent, Project Manager, Allrounder.

Suse manages stress with a smile on her face – during productions as well as the day to day office madness. Her empathetic, confident and approachable manner makes her a perfect team player and a pleasant contact person for artists, managers and business partners.After seeing the job description of an Event Manager during the German music television show „The Dome“ it was clear to Suse that she wants a job behind the stages of the world. Therefor she started her first internship at one of the biggest concert promoters for classical music in Germany right after finishing her A-levels. Bachelor studies in Event Management, first experiences within the New York City nightclub industry, insights into a major label and artist liaison at a renowned festival followed. Her decision was made, working directly with the artist was the next goal. That is why she decided to work for the management team of a well-known German musician and songwriter. Within her new position she gained her first experiences within the world of touring. But Suse wasn’t ready to settle in this job and move to London to pursue a Masters degree in Music Business Management.

After returning to Germany she found her new work-home with a tour promoter which paved the way for Suse to work for SHEV.EVENT now. Her priority at SHEV.EVENT is to learn how to speak Russian!