10 Fragen ans Herz. Verdammt ehrliche 10.

Tagtäglich werden wir übermüllt mit Interviews und Gerüchten, Paparazzi-Fotos und Social Media Exhibitionismus. Aber wonach wir doch ganz tief in unserer Seele lechzen, ist Ehrlichkeit. Ehrlichkeit von unseren Nächsten und von unseren Idolen, Lieblingsmusikern, Künstlern, Schauspielern.

Deswegen wurde unser kleines Format „10 Fragen ans Herz“ geschaffen.
10 brechend ehrliche Fragen, die von Künstlern für uns beantwortet werden.

Violet Skies


What do you do, when you’re doing nothing?
Nothing isn’t something I enjoy doing, ha! So if I get down time I like cooking, thai food, curries, loads of veggie stuff.

Which drug experience flashed you the most?
No comment.

What should you do, if you’re lovesick?
Spend time with friends and family, be kind to yourself and work. I worked non stop when I had my heart broken and it was the best thing I could have done.

What do you do, when you found the one?
I’ll let you know, when I find him.

What do your best friends expect when they come over?
Ridiculousness. Food (I always have too much if I know I’ve got people coming over). Talking until 3am. A very tidy house.

What was the LP of your childhood/youth?
Paul Simon, Graceland

How much do you lie? (% per day)
10%. Maybe that’s a lie. You’ll never know.

Whats on your inner screen, when you need motivation?
Either the scene in Forest Gump where he’s just running for no reason, or Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.

Everybody’s looking for meaning of life. What are you looking for?
The meaning of life? I think if you stop looking for it you’ll find it much sooner. Happiness is probably what you’ll find – really joy 🙂 don’t do things that make you unhappy and be kind to other people.

You lost your memory. How old will you feel by waking up?
If I lost my memory, I’d want to wake up at the age I am now. I really love my life and where I am. Either that or aged 8 – 8 was a damn good age, I was keeping a rock in my school bag because I really, really believed it was a dinosaur egg. I wish I still had that magic feeling about life.