Indie-rock four-piece Mykket Morton are eager to put their hometown Kassel on the radar again. Make it known for good music and a lively cultural scene. When creating their music, its not the first thought for Mykket Morton to write catchy tunes but rather music that is original, honest and extends established musical borders.
Starting as a duo with only guitar and cello, Mykket Morton have grown into a four-piece band that has released three EP’s within the last five years. Their current EP Upside Down is a plea to strengthen the local scene and addresses the issue of struggling with one’s own reality compared to the public image. The EP has been on airplay rotation at DLF NOVA, Radio FRITZ rbb, NDR Blue, DLF and RSH.
They have played festivals such as Kulturzelt Kassel, MS Dockville, Open Flair Festival, Musikschutzgebiet and many more. They already have a loyal fanbase (us included) that is growing daily. Seeing them arranging all their instruments live is pretty special.

Latest Release: Upside Down