Violet Skies

She is tender, wise and has something holy to herself. At the same time she is the most bubbly, creative and honest person ever. Violet.

Her hometown is Wales, her chosen city to live in LA. Her favorite language is music and her feelings. The young Brit was brought up with Sting, Paul Simon and Massive Attack. And you can hear it. The melodies, the rhythm, the lyrics. Honest to the bone. Indie, Alternative, Electro-Pop. These three genres fit her music pretty well. But her work speak best for themselves. BBC realized her talent early on and started to support her. Because of this she was able to perform at Glastonbury Festival in 2014 with her in 2014 released EP „Dragons“.

Violet love to be on stage and to feel the music together with her audience. Her latest EP is called „Lonely“ and is available on all platforms.

In cooperation with Thammtation Music it is our goal to show Violet and her magical songs to the world.

Latest Release: Talk (acoustic)