Therr Maitz is a band from Russia that combines a mix of Trip-Hop, Jazz, House, Breakbeat, Disco, Funk and Pop. The band around frontman Anton Belayaev takes their audience into other spheres. Their sound has no limits and knows absolutely no clichés.

Anton Belyaev, musician, composer, producer and simply multi-talent, formed Therr Maitz in 2004, but the world was not ready for those new sounds, that flout boundaries, imaginations and language barriers. 10 years later everything changed. Therr Maitz fills stages with orchestras and music venues with music enthusiasts.

The music genre mix works very well for them. Indie, Trip-Hop, Acid-Jazz, House, Disco, Funk and Pop are only a few genres they know how to combine. Basically, we should stop talking and you go see for yourself.


• won Best Russian Act at the MTV Europe Awards 2016

• 14 million Youtube-Clicks

• unbelievable Live Performance

• won Best Band at the Radio 6 Awards as „the Best Band“