The Cool Quest is THE band from the Netherlands. They have been playing over 500 shows in their home country. Radio stations in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria are playing their energetic songs non-stop. Their energy level is unbelievable. It does not matter where they are playing or in front of which audience, no one stands still. They are called The Cool Quest and experiencing them Live is truly an adventure. Body and mind are being set free and the quest can start.

Their GOOD LIFE TOUR brought The Cool Quest to Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as to Eastern Europe. Festivals worldwide want only one thing: see their guests dance to The Cool Quest like there is no tomorrow. That is why they have played at renowned festivals like Reeberbahn Festival, ESNS Norderschlaag, Tallinn Music Week, MS Dockville, Kaltern Pop Festival and Trivago Festival within the last three years.

The band around frontman Vincent Bergsma has now doubled their female power on bass and drums. The guitar is played by potentially the most incredible guitarist of the Netherlands. On keys you will find a visionary that no one can stop as soon as he starts improvising.

The Cool Quest have released two albums up until now and a new EP is in the making. Be prepared to dance to those songs all night long.

Latest Release: PARTY ON THE BLOC

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Up Until Now:


Hardbeat Festival  (09.06.2018)   |   Augarten Fest (30.06.2018)   |   Bochum Total (21.07.2018)   |   Weserlieder Open Air (28.07.2018)   |   Lott Festival (04.08.2018)   |   MS Dockville (17.08.2018)   |   Kaltern Festival (27.10.2018)   |   Copenhagen Loopen (25.10.2018)



HeidelbergHalle02 (22.04.2018)   |   München, Milla Club (24.04.2018)    |   Wien, Flex Cafe (25.04.2018)     |   Haldern, Haldern Pop Bar (27.04.2018)    |   Berlin, Musik & Frieden (30.04.2018)

Aftermovie: Goodlife Tour 



Reeperbahn Festival (21.09.2017)   |   Cologne, Yard Club (20.12.2017)   |   Berlin, Small Session (21.12.2017)   |   Hamburg, Nochtwache (22.12.2017)