If MONATIK stands for one thing then it definitely is movement. Singing, dancing or composing, he has it in his blood to create catchy sounds that move people.

The award winning Ukrainian released four albums, created spectacular music videos, is part of the jury of a Ukrainian casting show and got a Samsung-testimonial deal. Take a break? Hell no. His favorite word is: Energy. Inside and out. That is how he succeeds for years on and behind the stage. He himself is the dance, the vitamin D that everyone needs to live.

His debut album was released in 2013 and already received a lot of positive feedback. In 2016 he released the summer hit „Кружит“. This song was the start of his success. The second album „Звучит“ was a musical milestone at the time. No Ukrainian musician has been that successful than MONATIK ever since.

MONATIK plays arenas in his home country and also in Germany he has a loyal fanbase. In October 2019 he played successfully in six German cities most of which were a SOLD OUT and not one single person stood still during the show.

Latest Release: Monatik – Rhythm Show