Whilk & Misky

After building popularity and a loving fan base, it seemed Whilk & Misky were set for big things until their sudden break up at the end of 2017.

„We just lost the love we started out with. Being in the major world distracted us from the reasons we started doing this in the first place. Social media targets and 3-minute edits to our art were hard pills to swallow.” says Charlie, “it affected our integrity as artists and knocked our respect for the audience we trusted.”

Earlier this year Charlie and Nima reconnected, spending a spontaneous three-weeks on the coast of Wales writing and recording the music they’d been missing, bringing closure to their darker days through their recently released introspective Restoration EP. Now, with the upcoming five tracks of Blood Moon, Whilk & Misky are back with a zeal and confidence to catapult them back into speakers around the globe. “I feel we are back to our roots and stronger than ever,” says Nima, “we have been writing a lot of material and are inspired to keep writing more. We can’t wait to share it with our fans and play it live again.”

To Icarus Tour 2021

15.09.2021    |    Amsterdam, Cinetol   |    TICKETS

16.09.2021    |    Den Haag, Paardcafe

17.09.2021    |    Cologne, JAKI    |    TICKETS

18.09.2021    |    Mainz, Kulturclub schon schön    |    TICKETS

19.09.2021    |    Kassel, dasFRANZulrich    |    TICKETS

21.09.2021    |    Berlin, Burg Schnabel    |    TICKETS

23.09.2021    |    Hamburg, Secret Venue

25.09.2021    |    Prague, Chapeau Rouge

28.09.2021    |    Stuttgart, Café Galao